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The name's Chachi! I love all things Rooster Teeth, Night Vale, Marvel, and video games. Occasionally I'll post art and cosplay, but that's about it. I'm a SFW blog with the occasional nude references, but I promise to always tag it. If anything makes you uncomfortable, please let me know too! I'll do my best to tag everything that people need me to tag!

Basically all the picture I took of other people at Sabo. I ended up mostly just telling people they looked amazing and asked for hugs oops ;~;) So many great cosplays, too little time for pictures!

But anyway, if you see yourself, please tell me! I shall tag you and stuff!

Levi with the flower crown: Chibiexorcistliz 
Ymir: MermaidKin
Mikasa: Eidorina12
Hanji: ImaginaryGriffin
Levi getting the bunny ears: KidofMischief
Eren: Heiir-of-Liight


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    We’re the Hiei and Kurama in picture three. :)
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    Ymir is MermaidKin Mikasa is Eidoriana12 Hanji is ImaginaryGriffin Levi between em is Me Eren is Heiir-of-Liight
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    Wow look at that perfect Hiei.Perfect.
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