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Basically all the picture I took of other people at Sabo. I ended up mostly just telling people they looked amazing and asked for hugs oops ;~;) So many great cosplays, too little time for pictures!

But anyway, if you see yourself, please tell me! I shall tag you and stuff!

Levi with the flower crown: Chibiexorcistliz 
Ymir: MermaidKin
Mikasa: Eidorina12
Hanji: ImaginaryGriffin
Levi getting the bunny ears: KidofMischief
Eren: Heiir-of-Liight


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    We’re the Hiei and Kurama in picture three. :)
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    Ymir is MermaidKin Mikasa is Eidoriana12 Hanji is ImaginaryGriffin Levi between em is Me Eren is Heiir-of-Liight
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    Wow look at that perfect Hiei.Perfect.
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